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For a More Radiant You Tomorrow
Customized Body Care Solutions, Exclusively for You
: Shine Fit
What is Shine Fit?

Shine Fit is a unique medical body management program available exclusively at Le Shine.
It aims to promote fat reduction and elasticity, resulting in a smooth and resilient,
healthy body line. Just as everyone has different fingerprints, body shapes also vary from person to person.
Therefore, it's crucial to receive a treatment method that precisely suits you.

At Le Shine, we propose body contouring procedures tailored specifically for 'you,' not just for everyone.

Targeted reduction of
body fat in desired areas
Improvement of uneven
body contours
Consideration of both body fat
reduction and improved elasticity


Shine Fit Body Program

From specific concerns to total fit procedures

+    Shine Leg Fit
Addressing calf swelling, improving thigh contour, and reducing cellulite
+    Shine Slim Fit
Reducing abdominal fat and improving waistline contour
+    Shine Arm Fit
Decreasing arm fat and improving cellulite
+    Shine Total Fit
Overall fat reduction and body contouring
+    Shine Elasticity Lifting
Improving sagging body lines
+    Shine Lymph Circulation
Addressing edema and swelling

We propose personalized body
solutions tailored exclusively for you.

Le Shine Clinic
Shine Fit


Le Shine Shine Fit

Length of procedure

Approx. 30 min

Anesthesia method

Not required


Not required

Return to daily life


Treatment frequency

Once a week

Duration of results
(per cycle)

Approx. 3 months

We propose private treatments tailored to 'you,'
not for everyone.

At Le Shine, we use only trusted and authentic products for our procedures, always prioritizing your safety and comfort.
Through meticulous pre and post-care and detailed consultations,
we continuously strive to address your concerns and conduct research so that you can trust our medical staff and confidently follow us at every step.

point 1

Melting Injections

We conduct the procedure with steroid-free,
fat dissolving injections to ensure safety.

point 2

Le Shine's
Private Care System

We've established a 1:1 customized process to
propose treatment plans tailored to individual
concerns and body types.

point 3

Minimal Pain and
Prompt Recovery

Through our Pain Care System,
we minimize pain and conduct procedures
that take your comfort into consideration.

Le Shine
Shine Fit Before & After

More confident than yesterday,
Le Shine proves itself with results.


Faster, Deeper, Stronger

Le Shine Endermologie
Alliance Medical

Alliance Medical is a medical device authorized for procedures only in hospitals,
and it is a specialized medical equipment approved by the U.S. FDA.

The medical equipment offers various delicate care with
different heads depending on the treatment area.
It enables more powerful, deeper, and faster procedures compared to spa

Moreover, it not only focuses on simple body slimming
but also aids in the overall improvement
of skin conditions and internal circulation, including scar treatment.

Experience the remarkable improvement effects unique to medical equipment.

Improvement of Body Line


Orange Peel Skin Relief


Body Contouring


Reducing worries, boosting satisfaction

Le Shine
Melting Injection

Fat Dissolving Injection goes beyond the limitations of traditional contouring injections by
facilitating stable fat elimination and promoting well-organized tissue restructuring.
This procedure ensures that the skin layer affected by fat reduction remains smooth and well-toned.

Simply dissolving fat may result in sagging or laxity of the treated area.
To prevent this, fat dissolving injection stimulates tissue regeneration and promotes skin elasticity.
Fat Dissolving Injection also enhances blood and lymph circulation, effectively improving cellulite.

Healthy lifting with three-dimensional extracorporeal shock wave therapy

Le Shine

Revinas Lift uses "Milkwave" shock wave to promote blood
and lymph circulation and reduce stubborn fat and fibrous tissues. This results in fundamental improvement.
With the use of a multi-focus head, Revinas allows energy to be focused at various depths.
The Milkwave shock waves uniformly stimulate stem cells.

As a result, Revinas Lift not only improves elasticity but also reduces cellulite,
offering a synergistic effect with other treatments through enhanced circulation.

Le Shine's
Unique 4-Step Process
A thorough assessment
of the customer's condition
1:1 consultation
Combination procedures
to maximize results
Attentive pre and
post-procedure care
Shine Fit
Who is it for?
We provide personalized solutions based on Le Shine's expertise.
Our goal is to achieve a better future with desirable outcomes.
Essential for people who:
#are sensitive to pain and hesitant
about undergoing treatments.
#want to smooth out their uneven body lines.
#seek targeted improvements in specific areas.
#want to reduce visible stretch marks and
achieve smoother skin texture.
#have upcoming important events (e.g., weddings, vacations).
#seek systematic body management alongside exercise.

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